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Quality Genetix Medical Marijuana Clinic– Quality Genetix is a non-profit association in full compliance with HS.11632.5-7. Quality Genetix specializes in providing superior service to in-home medical cannabis patients in Southern California.

– Our knowledgeable staff believes in maintaining a professional persona, therefore all delivery personnel are American Red Cross Certified Healthcare Providers. Quality Genetix Patient Collective aims to provide outstanding service and our HIPPA compliant personnel understands the utmost importance of safety and discretion.

– Quality Genetix understands the many privacy concerns one may have and that is why we have implemented Safari Epic Patient Data to  ensure all medical records remain private.  Safety and privacy for both parties help maintain a sociable yet professional interaction allowing us to provide services that are a cut above the rest

– Patient members can rely on Quality Genetix to provide exceptional medicine at affordable donations, thus eliminating the hassles of traveling to surrounding cities for mediocre medicinal cannabis. Quality Genetix also offers horticulture advice for those cultivating their own medicine.

– The California State Board of Equalization has determined that medicinal cannabis is subject to sales tax.

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Everything from our Red Cross Certified speedy delivery staff to our discounted prices for veterans and seniors.

Quality Genetix offers the best price and best service like no other clinic in Southern California.

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